During exceptionally high summer ambient temperatures the existing three 1 mw critical chillers had multiple circuit failures and were unable to maintain the chilled water services.

The Brief
QBS supplied and installed 1 mw temporary Trane chillers to provide critical chilled water cooling to the technology centre. Chiller 3 was disconnected and the temporary chilled water connections and electrical supply services utilised to connect the temporary chillers. Chillers 1 and 2 underwent a major refurbishment programme rectifying the defects and faults and upgrading the chillers to comply with relevant regulations. Chillers were soak tested and returned to service on a rolling programme.
Works Included

Replacement 1 mw chillers had a 12 week delivery period and were not available in sufficient time to provide the critical cooling required. Chilled water cooling was maintained to the client’s critical services without any disruption to the client’s business as usual.

The temporary chillers were retained for a sufficient period to ensure system resilience and each phase was soft landed to the site FM team. The serviceable life of the existing chillers has been extended and the temporary connections left in place to provide future temporary connections.

This strategy has provided the client sufficient time to review options and assign CAPEX for the future chiller replacement project.

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